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T-AM-50 20-Sep-2024 23-Sep-2024 4 days Online
MS Teams
USD 3150

Physical Asset Management Assessor Workshop (CAMA Exam)

Physical Asset Management Assessor  Workshop  (CAMA Exam)

Over the last few decades, there have been major global advances in asset management standards, concepts and principles and organizations to understand the importance of implementing a holistic approach to asset management to realize maximum value from their assets.

The Asset Management Certification Workshop (CAMA exam preparation Course) is designed to familiarize participants with what constitutes an ISO55001 compliant asset managed environment, and to support their knowledge and comprehension to undertake the CAMA exam.

CAMA’s has the minimum knowledge in asset management required by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) to audit or assess an Asset Management system to the requirements of ISO55001.

This training program explores asset management best practice within the context of an ISO55001 Asset Management System and how, together, these drives and support an organization’s ability to meet its objectives and deliver value to both customers and stakeholders.

This course will provide participants guidance regarding the development, implementation & maintenance of an organization’s asset management system in the context of ISO 55000. It will also help participants to prepare for & write the Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) Exam.

World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM)® Asset Management Body Of Knowledge


''The World Partners in Asset Management recognizes " Physical Asset Management Assessor Workshop (CAMA Exam)" owned by Rex Pro Management Consultant, as providing course content that addresses the competencies provided ISBN978 0 9871799 5 1 GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor Assessor Specification'.

This Rex Pro’s Physical Asset Management Assessor Workshop equipped participants with the asset management essential knowledge that strives to improve business outcomes and achieve organizational Objectives. This workshop provides a structured learning approach that will enable participants to:

  • Learn the asset management knowledge required by the GFMAM Competency Specification for an ISO auditor/assessor
  • Describe how the ISO  55000 Standard aligns with other strategic organizational objectives
  • Understand the business benefits of an integrated suite of technical and financial asset management decision-making processes
  • Develop an integrated suite of processes that develop defensible maintenance budgets
  • Understand how organizational elements can support an asset management system and improve business outcomes.
  • Successfully prepared for CAMA Exam.

Who should attend

Asset management & Facility management practitioners

Plant Managers, Asset Managers, and Operation Managers / Directors 

Managers, Engineers, Supervisor from the maintenance, reliability, and Asset Integrity functions 

Operations/production, supply chain, project, and finance/business expert and engineers

Professionals and consultants who are responsible for asset management.

Aspiring certified asset management assessors and Improvement Leaders

Construction/ Contractor Managers & Supervisors

Additional Information


Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of ISO 55000 suite
  • Establish thorough asset management knowledge with industry experts
  • Prepare and sit for the CAMA exam
  • Reduce the pre-exam time and stress to prepare for the CAMA exam

CAMS Free Access :

  • CAMS “Competency Assurance Management System” is Asset Management technical exam simulation software, CAMS simulator gives you immediate access to 250+ realistic CAMA exam sample questions. Question style and difficulty match closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam. A team of PAM’s managers has developed the questions data bank, and they are updated to the latest CAMA Examination Content Outline from the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM)® as well as the most current A Guide to the Certified Asset Management Assessor Body of Knowledge (CAMA BoK® Guide). 
  • Access during our training session granted to delegate free of charge  (Saving 299 US$)

Suggested Books & Reading Material

  • Living Asset Management – Joao Lafraia and John Hardwick ,
  • The Asset Management Landscape – GFMAM 
  • The Value of Asset Management – GFMAM
  • AMBOK The Companion Guide for ISO 55001
  • AMBOK The AM System Model & Capability Delivery Model
  • Competency Specification “An ISO55001 Asset Management System Auditor/Assessor”
  • ISO55000:2014 – Asset Management — Overview, Principles, and Terminology
  • ISO55001:2014 –Asset Management — Management Systems – Requirements
  • ISO31000 – Risk Management
  • ISO/IEC15288 – Systems Engineering.

Early Registration & Group Discount 

  • 15 % Early Registration discount is valid for 4 weeks before the commencement program date,
  • We have a group discount for 3+ and 5+ Delegates registration 
Physical Asset Management Assessor Workshop (CAMA Exam)
  • CAMA Certificate Overview 0.5
  • CAMA Frequent Asked Questions 0.5
  • CAMA Exam Registration 0.5
  • CAMA Exam Setup 0.5
  • CAMA Recommending Reading 0.5
  • Why do we need Standards 0.5
  • Key Terms and Definitions ISO 5500X 0.5
  • The context and background to ISO 55000 0.5
  • Evolution of Asset Management (The journey from BSI PAS 55) 0.5
  • The benefits of applying ISO 55000 0.5
  • The ISO 55000 family of standards 0.5
  • Asset Management Concept Module 0.5
  • ISO 55001 Clauses 0.5
        • Competency Assurance Management System 0.5
  • The Ultimate Goal Of Asset Management 0.5
  • Asset Management System Model 0.5
  • What asset management is & isn't 0.5
  • Assets, asset systems and asset portfolios 0.5
  • Value obtainable from assets and their management 0.5
  • Asset management processes 0.5
  • Asset Criticality 0.5
  • Cost, Performance & Risk optimization in decisions 0.5
  • The main benefits of an asset management approach 0.5
  • Benefits to different stakeholders and businesses 0.5
  • Communicating the benefits of asset management 0.5
  • Asset Management Misconception 0.5
        • Competency Assurance Management System 0.5
    • GFMAM 39 Subjects of Asset Management 1
  • Asset Management Policy 1
  • Asset Management Strategy & Objective 1
  • Demand Analysis 1
  • Strategic Planning 1
  • Capital Investment Decision Making 1
  • Operation & Maintenance Decision Making 1
  • Life Cycle Value Realization 1
  • Resource Strategy 1
  • Shutdown & Outage Strategy 1
  • Technical Standards & Legislation 1
  • Asset Creation & Acquisition 1
  • System Engineering 1
  • Configuration Management 1
  • Maintenance Delivery 1
  • Reliability Engineering 1
  • Asset Operations 1
  • Resource Management 1
  • Shutdown & Outage Management 1
  • Fault & Incident Response 1
  • Asset Decommissioning & Disposal 1
        • Competency Assurance Management System 1
    • GFMAM 39 Subjects of Asset Management 0.5
  • Asset Information Strategy 0.5
  • Asset Information Standards 0.5
  • Asset Information Systems 0.5
  • Data Information Management 0.5
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management. 0.5
  • Asset Management Leadership 0.5
  • Organizational Structure 0.5
  • Organization Culture 0.5
  • Competence Management 0.5
  • Risk Assessment & Management 0.5
  • Contingency Planning & Resilience Analysis 0.5
  • Sustainable Development 0.5
  • Management Of Change 0.5
  • Assets Performance & Health Management 0.5
  • Asset Management System Monitoring 0.5
  • Management Review, Audit & Assurance 0.5
  • Asset Costing & Valuation 0.5
  • Stakeholder Engagement 0.5
        • Competency Assurance Management System 0.5
  • Rex Pro Management Team believe that learning is not only about acquiring technical skills, it is also about learning behaviors & Competencies that are desirable for work in plant operation & maintenance critical dimensions. Our holistic teaching develops our delegates' personal effectiveness to function both as an individual and as a team player. The course delivery & modes of instruction will incorporate theory , practical skills and Q&A sessions. 
  • To enhance learning outcomes, theory sessions will comprise classroom based lecture that will intersperse with interactive discussions, scenario-based, case-study, group exercises, video clips, power point slides, learners' Guide and the application of various tools which will be provided to help in the delegates and participants of the learning’s objectives. With successful implementation of the learnt skills they are bound to enhance Individual & Organizational growth.
  • For online / Interactive Virtual sessions, Delegate should have a stable & good Internet connection on his Laptop.
  • On successful completion of this training course, REX Pro’s digital certificate with eligible Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE), will be awarded to the delegates, one CPE credit is granted per 50 minutes of attendance.
  • WPiAM will remotely online proctor CAMA exam, Fees could be paid separately after the course by delegates to WPiAM
  • 'The World Partners in Asset Management recognizes " Physical Asset Management Assessor Workshop (CAMA Exam)" owned by Rex Pro Management Consultant, as providing course content that addresses the competencies provided ISBN978 0 9871799 5 1 GFMAM ISO55001 Auditor Assessor Specification'.

Course Features

  • Core : Training
  • Category : Asset Management
  • Days : 4
  • Duaration : 32 Hours