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About Rex Pro, Reliability Excellence Professionals, Highly Talented SME “Subject Mater Experts” & Engineers, Versatile and Accomplished in Operation, Maintenance & Reliability, Engineering & Project Management, Strategies Development, Risk Assessment and Management, with over 100 Years of accumulated extensive proven experience in wide range of commercial, Refinery, Power generation, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas , Metal & Mining, Alumina Refinery, Cement and Heavy Industries business.

Rex Pro is Egyptian based leading authority on asset management, risk management, operational excellence, life-cycle costing, Lean Manufacturing, MRO & Spare Parts Management, risk and performance optimization. Rex Pro aspires to be your ‘trusted advisors’ with long-term relationships and practical, proven successes as it is formed by a team of former senior managers of blue chip organizations including General Petroleum Company (GPC) Eqypt, Equate petrochemical (Kuwait) , Borouge Petrochemical (UAE), and Maaden (KSA).

Rex Pro operates on local & global basis with its head office based in New Cairo, Egypt. We have network of associates and regional support partners round the globe, so wherever you are based, we can provide our support and advice. Rex Pro’s position has evolved over the past few years with an increasing number of projects and an upward growing turnover. As the workload has increased, the company’s profile has been enhanced by providing further opportunities for greater abilities to be demonstrated.

We competes with large international organizations for reliability & asset management services providers and we are frequently approached directly to participate in large scale, highly specialized consultancy services where previously only international companies have been considered.

Our Strength

Rex Pro's Strength Rex Pro based on Highly Talented Engineers, Versatile and Accomplished Projects, Physical Asset Management (PAM), Maintenance & Reliability Engineering Management, Strategies Development, Lean Manufacturing, Risk Assessment and Management of Asset Care, with over 100 Years of accumulated extensive proven experience in wide range of commercial, industries, Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas Sectors.

Our Engineers are customers satisfaction focused by sustaining the local and international codes and standards of implementation within the project triple constrain (EHS, Budget & Time). Rex Pro aims to be a leading local & international firm in the field of Reliability & Asset Management consultancy services and we strive to offer excellent services by providing high quality of work, applying the latest available Standards, Best Practice & technology for the industry, and seeking more joint ventures with international companies to have the opportunity in higher weighted projects.


Our Vision

REX PRO’s Business Vison is not to be only a successful company. It is to be useful to our Customer, to be honorable on what we are going to achieve, to be compassionate on what we are accomplish, so We could Make A Difference (MAD)


Our Mission

  1. Developings & Promoting Leaders in Reliability Excellence & Physical Asset Management.
  2. Driving for Continuous Improvement, innovation and evolution.
  3. Meeting challenges with courage and creativity to realize our customers dreams and goals.


Our Values

  • Respect: We respect team and client diversity , make every effort to understand each other, take responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust
  • Teamwork: We stimulate personal and professional growth, share the opportunities & responsibilities of development and maximize individual and team performance
  • Care: We are taking care of our customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, supportive, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after our customer's requirements are met.


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What they say

Muhammad Haris Saleem Khan

Two weeks ago I had received a very good training of CMRP just because of our trainer was MR.Hosni . He is very dedicated,knowledgeable and very good teacher . He thought us just like a school kids and transferred as much as possible his all knowledge. He has immense experience in the field of Maintenance & Reliability.

Muhammad Haris Saleem Khan
Qamar Abbas

I attended Hosny Elsayed's CMRP training last week and found him very knowledgeable and remarkable in the field of "Reliability Excellence". He has vast experience in all aspects of M&R. I count Mr. Hosny one of the best trainer I have ever met.

Qamar Abbas
RBI Engineer (Reliability Asset Management) at Marafiq
Moh'd Yami, MSc , CMRP

I would like to thanks Eng. Hosny for the course which he provided to be certified CMRP. The knowledge which we gained were a lot and basically depended on an excellent field experience merge with up to date information in reliability and maintenance.

Moh'd Yami, MSc , CMRP
Sr. RCA Engineer at MARAFIQ
Younis Mshagbeh

LIMS Training with Mr. Hosny Alsayed! It was really a great journey; Material worth, Class time management, Trainer interaction & Ethics, and added values. Rex Pro is highly recommended, and we will keep continuous cooperation with them.

Younis Mshagbeh
I&C Section Head
Sara Zyoud

a very talented ,expert, powerful ,intelligent trainer mr hosny elsayed it was my pleasure to attend LIMS training by REXPRO wishing you all the best

Sara Zyoud
Inventory control section head @samra electric power co
Omar Fallatah

after many years of experience and a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge I didn't realise that I need anybody to tell me how to utilize my experience in such organize and standardize way till I attend CMRP certification course with Engr. Hosny who change every things for me
I am really appreciate all what I learn from him and the difference he made to my vision and great value added
thank you my teacher

Omar Fallatah
CMRP-Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Superintendent
Ranjit Ravindran CMRP, CAMA, CQA-ASQ

One of the best Trainer(Eng. Hosny) anyone could find in Middle East region.
1) Nice presentation skills with expertise in keeping audience active.
2) Shared Industrial best practices with many practical examples.
3) Complete knowledge about M&R best practices. and
4) Very humble person.
I would highly recommend to consider his expertise to improve the M&R Industrial practices and skills of the workforce.

Ranjit Ravindran CMRP, CAMA, CQA-ASQ
Reliability, Asset Management, Risk Management, RCM, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, RCA, TPM, Audit Management
Yazan Alkhawaldeh

During the CMRP Training which held in Samra Electric Power co.(March-2019), we learned a lot from Eng. Hosny.
Featured that he uses modern Training Tools and techniques, he has a practical experience in the field of M&R that enables him to connect the theoretical side with practical examples.

I wish you the best always.
جزاك الله خيرا ابو عمر

Yazan Alkhawaldeh
Electrical Maintenance Section Head at Combined Cycle Power Plant 1250MW
Mhd. shiab

It was 5 wondarful days training Rich of information Improve goals in our work And very good trainer I suggest to have such courses to motivate , improve, increase efficiency, reduce efforts

Mhd. shiab
Instrument & Control
Murad Majali

We really like the attended course which was last week , the course was rich of information and experience and Eng. Hosny was more than an excellent in presentation , experience a and value adding to us
I hope in other courses that duration to be longer , to have the course kit a long time to be more prepared and active . and I think if the course was done on levels this could give trainees extra time to study and try to implement their study on actual work


Murad Majali
Mechanichal Maintenance Department Manager at Samra Electric Power Company (SEPCO)
Eyass AL-Qaisi

A very experienced company with a very experienced lecturer Eng. Hosny Elsayed who gave us a course "BEST PRACTICES IN MAINTENANCE AND RELIABILITY" at SEPCO . Many thanks for his efforts. Wish you best of luck.

Eyass AL-Qaisi
Senior Engineer at Attarat Power Company
ahmad abu bader,

Thank you so much for the training session Best Practices in Maintenance & Reliability, I really enjoyed and learned lots from Eng. Hosny Elsayed

ahmad abu bader,
Mechanical Maintenance Section Head, Vibration Mobius CAT 1, Thermographer ITC Level 2
Hossam Khaled

The true meaning of professionalism. CMRP certificate need a great support from a certified professional as Dr.Hosny

Hossam Khaled
Maintenance and Turnaround Planner