REX PRO focus to sustain the high level of qualified personnel and build a professional team committed to serve our clients. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust, through exceptional performance by every member of the REX PRO’s team

Details for Reliability Excellence

  • Reliable Plant
  • Equipment Stability
  • Maximum Output
  • Reliable

Rex Pro’s Physical Asset Management (PAM) Development Program complies with BS-ISO 55000x & 14224,   GFMAM Landscape 2nd Edition, and latest Asset Management Best Practice. As well as will comply with the proposed CLIENT Scope of Work (SOW) requirements and needs to meet business objectives and maximize the value from client Physical Assets through the entire lifecycle.

Physical asset management system (PAMS) development project execution Normally split on three Phases :

1-         Phase I: PAMS Gap Analysis & Assessment,  Review the current CLIENT physical asset management system implementation practices in guidance of ISO 55000 requirements,  39 AM subjects of GFMAM landscape as well Industrial Reliability Excellence (Rex) & asset Management Best practice,  developing an Action plan in coordination with the CLIENT management team for opportunity value realization,  & Building Organization Capabilities by providing the required training in the field of physical asset management best practices.

Phase I: PAMS gap analysis & assessment is one of the crucial phases with outcomes recommendation actions that will identify the roadmap for developing the asset management business process.

2-         Phase II: PAMS, Developing Essential Documentations, 

Developing asset management strategy, and objectives for CLIENT organization, update asset management policy and other documents as required 

3-         Phase III: PAMS, Developing AMP for Pilot Plant  Developing an asset management plan for one of our client plant or system, as well as developing a change management program to control asset management life cycle activities. in this phase, Rex Pro will deploy asset management & reliability manager to support CLIENT in all PAMS essential activities requirements.

Rex Pro team will make all efforts to support CLIENT during all project phases to ensure the development of their physical asset management program as per industrial best practice.

Rex Pro Management Consultant keen to support CLIENT in their reliability and asset management goal, we are a delight to presenting our competitive and value-oriented proposal, upon your request 

looking forward to continuing our excellent work relations.

Our Mission

The aircraft continuing airworthiness management with a focus to support private aircraft operators within any airworthiness concern.


Our Targets

In close cooperation with our clients, we ensure that their problem is fully understood. The client’s problem becomes our challenge and with many years of experience as aviation consultants, our support is based on both data-driven analyses and expert advice. A practical and pragmatic solution will be proposed that meets its objective in a safe, efficient, economically viable, and environmentally friendly manner. We promote a high standard of maintenance management reflected in the operator’s flight safety.

We Can Support You along with your journey 

1-During Aircraft Selection & Specification:

  • Provide recommendations for outlining the various aircraft specifications.
  • Represent or assist operator when negotiating specification details.
  • Pre-purchase inspections for pre-owned aircraft.
  • Represent or assist operator's interest during a pre-purchase inspection process.

2-During Aircraft acceptance:

  • Provide assistance at green aircraft delivery Review aircraft, documentation, and equipment for compliance with the purchase agreement.
  • Details acceptance aircraft on behalf of owner/operator, Perform delivery checks for aircraft and its all documents/certificates.

 3-During Aircraft Interior Completion:

  • Continuous quality monitoring.
  • Review aircraft, documentation and equipment for compliance with completion specification and contract details.
  • Represent owner / operators interest when changes or alterations to the specification are required.
  • Continuous completion progress review.
  • Initiate corrective actions if the delay is foreseeable.
  • Review and inventory aircraft documentation and loose equipment.
  • Final completion acceptance inspection.

4-During Operational Preparation:

  • Assist aircraft import and registration process.
  • Spare Parts / Ground Support equipment initial provisioning recommendation.
  • Set-up aircraft & maintenance documentation system.
  • Set-up maintenance planning procedures.
  • Initiate required support contracts (Maintenance, Spare Parts etc.)

5-During Routine operation:

  • Monitor and schedule all routine maintenance requirements.
  • Prepare work packages for scheduled maintenance events.
  • Negotiate proposals & contracts with maintenance providers.
  • Represent client on-site during base maintenance (Work quality review)
  • Review maintenance invoices.
  • Administration of maintenance tracking software (CAMP)Warranty.
  • Administration of Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directive (AD) tracking.
  • Service Bulletin evaluation and compliance recommendations.
  • Parts Program Administration.
  • During Unscheduled maintenance:
  • Troubleshooting Assistance Coordination of expedient discrepancy rectification.
  • Monitor work progress.
  • Represent operators interests during the process.

7-During Interior Refurbishment:

  • Vendor selection assistance.
  • Proposal review and evaluation.
  • On-site work progress review (Quality check).
  • Final refurbishment acceptance inspection.
  • Invoice review.

8-During Aircraft Resale:

  • Pre-sales preparation (aircraft & documentation).
  • Represent operator’s interest during buyer's pre-purchase inspection Brokerage services.

9-During Aircraft Accident

  • The owner may be dealing with a recent aircraft accident, so we can provide:
  • Incident investigation.
  • Damage evaluation.
  • Represent operators to negotiate the provision and cost of repairs.

10-During Quality system Established:

  • Establish a record system for (aircraft documents, certifying staff, certificates…).
  • Assist the client to Complies with to regulation and standards.
  • Establish a quality control system.
  • Establish a quality insurance system.
  • Safety assessments.
  • Reporting and analysis of safety data.

11-During stuff training:

  • Monitoring and controlling the theoretical and practical training and OJT to certifying staff part 145.
  • Monitoring and control the proper induction of theoretical session conducted by EASA 66.
  • Monitoring and control of practical training for A⁄C type ratings for certifying staff successfully passing level III type training under EASA 147 in compliance with EASA 66.
  • Design a training program.
  • Monitoring and control of OJT training.
  • Safety training and safety culture surveys.
  • Assist companies in obtaining required FAA, EASA certifications helping them identify and secure necessary documentation for licensing.

12-During Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO):

 with an EASA Part M for EASA or NON-EASA Aircraft.

  • Development and control of a suitable Maintenance Programme (AMP).
  • Development and control of a suitable Minimum Equipment List (MEL).
  • Management and approval of modification and repairs.
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance program.
  • AD/SB assessment.
  • Aircraft defect / deferred defect control.
  • Record / technical log control and retention.
  • Establishment of appropriate maintenance contracts.
  • AOG service.
  • Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review).
  • Registration changes.
  • Technical on-site representation during maintenance events.



 We promote a quick response with a high standard of maintenance management reflected in the operator’s flight safety with economically wise.